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November 30, 2010


Kudus to Matt Yglesias and to Brendan for quoting him. Yes, having trading partners that are economically and technologically developed is a plus, not a minus.

Just as a developing China now benefits the West, I believe the developed West has been benefiting the underdeveloped countries for hundreds of years. I wonder whether Yglesias and Brendan would acknowledge this corollary. Leftist history often focuses on how the West exploited underdeveloped countries, but ignores all the good the West has done for underdeveloped countries.

IMHO an area where this principle could have applied is the middle east. The Arabs were lucky that Israel was established in their midst, had they chosen to take advantage of their luck. Israel is among the world leaders in many technical areas. Neighboring countries could benefit greatly from trade and association with Israel. What a waste that these countries turned their backs on this potential source of economic development.

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