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December 03, 2010


I was unable to open Charles Blow's article from Brendan's link. Here's a link to what I think is the column Brendan is referring to http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/20/opinion/20blow.html?ref=charles_m_blow

This column has been torn to bits in the right wing blogosphere. Blow's oddest comment is
Where’s the comparable mound of documentation for discrimination against whites? There isn’t one.
In fact, affirmative action in the workplace, in colleges, and in government has given millions of blacks preferences over whites (and Asians). Maybe Blow doesn't consider this discrimination, but to the white or Asian who lost out to a less qualified black, it is discrimination.


Here's a Charles Blow column that's pretty good IMHO. Blow uses statistics reasonably to demonstrate that the left makes more of a fuss over Palin than the right. And, he makes a good case that she's being given more publicity than she deserves. He points out that the left likes to see the right as not just wrong, but bad -- in his words "hollow, dim and mean." Unfortunately, he asserts without evidence that this description fits Palin. Still, for a liberal to acknowledge that the left likes to use conservative scapegoats is an unusual bit of honest reporting.

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