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January 18, 2011


It certainly won't be a big turning point when you have right-wing political figures whining that they are being told to shut up and that they won't they won't they won't (as they stamp their silly feet). They are, in their eyes, being censored!

Well, civility IS self-censoring, which seems an alien concept to people with nasty speech habits.

Note also how unremarkable the Tucson shooting was in comparison to the events Bai mentions. The assassination of a popular President or a series of riots that swept through ghettos across the country doing untold damage as compared to murder by a mentally ill person.

Tragically, homicides by mentally ill people are everyday occurences. According to psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey,

There are about 16,000 homicides a year in this country. Using the Indiana study as a guide, roughly 1,600 of them are likely committed by people with serious mental illnesses.

Tucson seems like a bigger deal only because a member of Congress was the target and because the event was seized upon to falsely heap blame on conservatives.

Perhaps conservatives feel like we're being censored, because our side is judged by stricter rules. That's only to be expected, because liberals write the rules.

E.g., the DNC put out a chart with targets on states where they were aiming to win. The chart was labeled with the warlike phrase, BEHIND ENEMY LINES. Palin put out a similar chart with crosshairs, but not labeling it with a military metaphor. Nobody made a fuss over the DNC chart, but zillions of words have been spoken written impugning Palin's chart.

Or, consider the first comment above. I assume Carol didn't intend it to violate civility. Yet, if Sarah Palin were to describe liberals as "whining political figures" with "silly feet" and "nasty speech habits", I think she would be dinged for incivility.

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