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January 07, 2011


Sure, Fox & Friends is purile entertainment. So are their competitive morning shows. Perhaps these shows operate on the theory that viewers' brains aren't awake at that time in the morning. Media Matters could find equally silly items on any of these shows.

IMHO Media Matters goes off the rails when they describe this item as shot against Obama. There's nothing wrong with Obama wearing flip-flips. Furthermore, all three panelists said there was nothing wrong with Obama wearing flip-flops. Media Matters virtually acknowledged that the flip-flop story wasn't an attack on the President by reminding us of a story last year that did attack the President for what he was wearing.

Anything a President does is newsworthy. Past Presidents haven't been shown wearing flip-flops. It didn't require malice for a show focused on trivialities to base a segment on his unusual (for a President) footware.

P.S. If you want to see examples of purile malice, just go back to the Gail Collins op-eds discussed a couple of posts back. The Fox & Friends crew are sweetie pies compared with Gail Collins.

"In fact, growth projected to be slower..." (emphasis added)

That's Brendan's oxymoronic phrase regarding the impact of the tax cut on the economy. Brendan seems to imply that he's exposing an incorrect statement by Ruy Teixeira. Actually, Teixeira had one projection of how the tax cut will affect the economy and Stochastic Democracy had a different projection. Neither projection in a fact.

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