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January 20, 2011


The continuing fuss over "macaca" is merely another case of the liberals playing the race card. One reason this racket has worked so well is that liberals can define any act or word as proof of racism after the fact. E.g., being a Civil War buff supposedly makes you a racist. Owning a gun now makes you a racist, according to Michael Moore. In Allen's case, nobody had ever been accused of racism for using the word "macaca", yet all of a sudden that word is so horrendous that it permanently invalidates him as a Senator.

While the Dems' focus on symbols, they've been derelict on actions. They created an education system that leaves black high school seniors 4 years behind whites. Meanwhile, Dems have opposed laws that actually improve minority education, such as vouchers and the extension of No Child Left Behind. I believe Dems have taken these anti-black positions in order to reward the teachers unions, who are big supporters. However, others believe that Dems prefer to maintain a class of dependent blacks, because these people will relibly support them.

Like Rush Limbaugh, a Saturday Night Live actor pretended to spead Chinese . I didn't find it offensive. The point is merely that the Chinese language sounds odd to American ears.

Nobody accused SNL of being offensive. Nor, can I recall such accusations in the past. This is another example of liberals making up a ex post facto rule about what isn't politically correct, and also applying that prohibition unequally against conservatives.

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