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January 28, 2011


CNN shifts from Egypt coverage to ... a new makeup line for tweens. @davidfolkenflik says better than Fox/MSNBC

This is the all-too-common practice of throwing out an unspecified insult at Fox News (and, in this case, at MSNBC as well.) It's a example of liberals reminding each other that right-thinking people despise Fox News. They don't need any stinkin' evidence.

David Folkenflik should have told us his basis for asserting that CNN's coverage of Egypt has been better than FNC's. As it is, he appears to have a valid complaint about CNN, but his comment about the other two stations appears to be mere prejudice.

David, before you jump to conclusions, please look up the tweet I was referring to -- he said Fox and MSNBC didn't devote as much time at the top of the hour to Egypt coverage as CNN. It's an empirical claim and I have no doubt that it's true. I couldn't provide the full context in my own tweet, but it's easily available. PS Even if you don't know the context, doesn't the fact that he criticized MSNBC as well provide prima facie evidence that this isn't just Fox-bashing?

I stand corrected.

Brendan, I'm afraid I don't see an easy way to get to a particular tweet. Your link took me to David Folkenflik's list of tweets as of Jan 28. I checked the list, then went to earlier lists via the "more" button. I eventually found the tweet you referenced. Is there an easier way to get there?

Unfortunately not -- unless I link directly to someone else's tweet, you have to figure it out from context. The Twitter interface is very crude that way.

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