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February 28, 2011



who on this planet even remotely thinks Jeb Bush would be a viable candidate?

Am I the only one thinking how the Bush name brand is still poison?

I agree with you metrichead. I don't think the country wants another Bush. In fact, even if George W. Bush were popular, I think many Americans would feel that a third Bush is too many.

Jonathan Martin's article in Politico starts with a narrative, not with the facts. In this case, the narrative is that Obama is looking tougher to beat in 2012. Martin then includes only facts and deductions that fit his chosen narrative.

In order to prove that Republicans consider Obama to be a strong candidate, Martin asserts that the reason Jeb Bush, John Thune and Chris Christie are sitting out this presidential election cycle is that they want to wait for an open-seat race. In reality, Martin has no idea why these three individuals are not running for President now, nor does he present any evidence that they plan to run in 2016.

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