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April 12, 2011


the democrats have been scared witless since the 80 election. how many genuinely progressive programs have been seriously pushed by the democrats since that time? does anyone really pretend that any one of the congresses since would have gone out on a limb for a medicare, a legal services organization, or even an e.p.a.? at best, its been lukewarm attempts to hang on to the shreds of the new deal and great society. as for the 'blue dogs', please spare me democrats like baucus and nelson.

Perception of the deal seems to depend on one's political orientation. As Brendan points out, the liberal New Republic and our liberal blogger think the Dems lost. OTOH the conservative John Podhoretz thinks the specifics of the deal are so bad that freshmen Republicans may be angry enough so that we’ll end up with a shutdown after all. http://hotair.com/archives/2011/04/12/analysis-budget-deal-only-reduces-real-discretionary-spending-by-around-15-billion/

Regardless of which party won, I think the American people lost. After the agree-upon cuts, the overall spending baseline for the year will still end up being $773 billion higher than it was in 2008. And the planned deficit is still in the range of $1 1/2 trillion. These levels threaten our economy and threaten the value of our currency.

Brendan, I'm surprised to see you just accepting the "outmaneuvered" argument. Have you read the reporting on how the alleged $38B in cuts is really less than half that? Have you considered the possibility that Obama wants to cast himself as a spending cutter to help his reelection?

Yes, I have considered it. A loss that's less bad than you thought is still a loss. Wanting to look like a spending cutter and actually cutting spending the year before you're up for re-election are two different things.

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