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September 14, 2011


Though I follow you on Twitter and therefore have usually seen what's in the roundups, I like that you post them, because it provides an opportunity to comment and a jumping off place for discussion. If anything, I'd suggest you post them a bit more often, so they don't run quite so long. And it'd be nice if you'd sometimes respond to comments rather than have your thoughts confined to a word or two in the tweet introducing a link.

I enjoy the Twitter roundups. I vote keep them.

I always skip the Twitter roundups. I like my political analysis to be at least 141 characters. Dump 'em.

Other alternatives: Shorter, more frequent roundups or post them below the fold so the front page is easier to scan.

I follow your blog by RSS, so the Twitter updates are a bit disruptive. I say lose them.

Or (as I do for Demsoc.org) you could use ifttt.com to create a Delicious list of, say, tweets that mention links, and auto-generate a WP post from that list.

I'm happy to see you post your Twitter roundups. Your items are generally interesting and worth considering. I appreciate the fact that your Twitter roundup posts generally include a link to an actual article, not just to the Twitter item. I also also appreciate the fact that you cull out some tweets that would be of lesser interest.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Post a smaller number of Twitter items at any one time but increase the the frequency of Twitter roundups.

2. You generally make it clear why you're posting each particular item. If necessary on certain items, consider adding a sentence or two to to make it more clear where you're coming from.

3. If you were to respond to comments, your response might generate more discussion by commenters. It might be worth experimenting to see if this is the case.

I am not on Twitter - nor do I have plans to be. I enjoy checking out the links you post in your Twitter roundup, so I vote to keep it.

The Twitter updates are a pain to scroll through on Google Reader. I say dump 'em.

I say stop the twitter roundups. In fact ... just stop.

I skip them.

Please keep them. I only find about 10% of them click-worthy, but it does make it easier to surf around looking for interesting articles like from Enik Rising. Thanks, Brendan.

I like the Twitter roundups and hope you keep 'em since they point to some links I wouldn;t see otherwise. Though fewer at one time might be easier to go through.

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