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October 12, 2011


Well, Quayle and Palin have both continued to actively feed this cycle, will Perry?

What about Bush? There was also a narrative that he was dumb, but unlike Quayle and Palin, he didn't seem to be damaged by it. I think Palin's main setback wasn't the idea that she was dumb per se but the idea (an accurate idea, I should add) that she was not prepared for the vice presidency. As for Quayle, I would argue that the perception of him as thin-skinned (as in his hurt response to Bentsen's "You're no Jack Kennedy" line) did more actual damage to his image than the (unfair) perception of him as stupid. Bush projected a light-hearted sense of humor about his verbal gaffes, and it helped him come off as a stronger candidate.

There was additionally an account that he was doltish, but unlike Quayle and Palin, he didn't appear to be harmed by it.

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