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October 06, 2011


Another difference between 2012 and 1948 may be that Obama and Congress haven't done nothing. On the contrary, a majority of voters seem to believe that they've done too much.

They've taken dramatic, ground-breaking actions, such as the biggest Stimulus in history, biggest deficit in history, federal Healthcare, bailouts of Wall Street, takeover of auto companies, and giving billions to dubious clean energy startups. The problem is that all of these actions are unpopular. So, I think Obama will have a tough time convincing voters that we'd be better off if Congress had let him do even more.

However, I must admit that I'm not that familiar with the 1948 election. For all I know, Truman's "do-nothing" accusation may have been as spurious as Obama's. In that case, this would not be a difference.

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