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October 11, 2011


Perry's principal challenge at the debate will be similar to the principal challenge of all the other debaters: how to get a word in edgewise, given the propensity of moderator Charlie Rose to ask interminable questions and promptly interrupt the answers. What a drinking game we could make out of those interruptions!

I haven't watched any of the debates and don't intend to watch this one, but my opinion FWIW is that Perry doesn't need to go after any Republican. He needs to demonstrate his own fitness as a candidate and as a President.

BTW I was appalled at the bigotry shown on the PBS Newshour yesterday. They had a fairly respectful discussion of whether Mormonism was a cult and whether Mormons are Christian. IMHO they gave too much respect to a bigoted POV. Unfortunately, other media are just as bad.

Those who questioned Lieberman's religion or Obama's race were treated by the media as flat-out anti-semites and racists, and properly so. Those questioning Romney's religion should be treated with similar contempt.

David in Cal,

I didn't see the PBS Newshour regarding Romney, so perhaps I am missing something, but what was the "bigoted POV" that was shown too much respect?

Was someone claiming Romney's religion to be immoral? Or are you saying that calling it a "cult" beyond the pale?

I ask simply because, whether you believe in either orthodox Christianity or Mormonism, they seem to have distictly different beliefs. Despite both claiming to worship someone named Jesus Christ, they each have radically different views on who he was and what it all means. In other words, Mormonism is a form of "non-orthodox' Christianity - which is what has been traditionally been deemed a "cult".

Perhaps in today's day and age, "cult" has more of a sense of a "Jonestown" -type connotation, but historically speaking the term is more descriptive and relatively benign.

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