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October 07, 2011


Though Brendan tweets about scandal ("Obama got a scandal question re: Solyndra & Fast and Furious from @jaketapper at presser today"), in fact Tapper never used the word "scandal." He called them "controversies."

The definition of scandal that Brendan himself has used in his research is whether the Washington Post has referred to a controversy as a scandal on its front page in a headline or in a reporter's voice. By that standard, neither Solyndra nor Fast and Furious is a scandal.

At least with respect to Solyndra, the Post's editorial board may well be right in referring to it as a boondoggle rather than a scandal. The real issues in Solyndra are what Larry Summers wrote in an unguarded moment, that the government "is a crappy vc," and the folly of spending tens of billions of dollars to create a relative handful of jobs. Whether or not there was crony capitalism in the government's helping hand to a big Obama contributor is an issue that may well become the focus of a scandal, but the larger issues, even though only a controversy, deserve the greater attention.

Of course, the time-honored wisdom that it's always the cover-up that gets you may well prove true with respect to both Solyndra and Fast and Furious. Or perhaps not. The cover-up with respect to the New Black Panther Party prosecution didn't become a scandal in the Washington Post's telling. If a tree falls in the forest but the Washington Post didn't have its hearing aid in, did a tree fall?

It seems bizarre that Reid used the nuclear option to prevent the Senate from voting on Obama's Jobs Bill. Reid's apparent purpose was to spare the President and Reid the embarassment of the bill not getting a majority vote in the Democratic Senate.

Whether or not this vote took place seems quite unimportant, since everyone agrees that the bill itself had no chance to pass. I'm sorry to see the "nuclear option" utilized for such a petty purpose.

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