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November 23, 2011


Congraultions on your new gig, Brendan. ISTM that a political scientist should have lots of useful advice for political reporters.

I fully agree that political reporters ought to do a better job of explaining policy proposals. OTOH focusing on policy can lead to biased reporting.

E.g., in discussing Gingrich’s proposal to add private accounts to Social Security, the Boston Globe reporter focused on a negative: the lack of available details on how it would be funded and implemented. Someone with the opposite bias might instead have pointed out that such a plan has worked in Chile and that private accounts are legally guaranteed, whereas SS benefits can be cut.

Super cool! I look forward to more inside info like Verman Supreme. Also the Bachmann staff resignation link is blocked, can you repost the article?

Congratulations, and your article was a great read.

I'm curious to know if you have an opinion on other states having moved their primaries/caucuses up to compete with New Hampshire and Iowa. I realize that isn't what the article was about, but in the opening paragraph, I thought you'd be headed in that direction.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And Happy Thanksgiving to the Nyhans at their festive New Hampshire home.

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