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August 02, 2012


Glad to see Brendan acknowledge that the media are treating Romney worse than Obama. However, I'm not sure that there's really a cycle caused by Romney's restrictions on meeting with the media. I think the media are just biased.

According to Howard Kurtz , the supposed gaffe that led to a Palestinian spokesman calling Romney a racist was based on showing this Palestinian an inaccurate copy of what Romney had said. Kurtz points out:

the AP reporter who committed this out-of-context drive-by, Kasie Hunt, not only took Romney out of context but never called the campaign for comment nor took advantage of a subsequent 4 1/2-hour flight to Poland, where [Romney strategist Stuart] Stevens sat near reporters for part of the trip.

Note that even though reporters don't have good access to Romney, they have plenty of access to his spokemen. Note also that President Obama seldom speaks to reporters and has had very few press conferences. Yet, there's no cycle of unfavorable reporting about Obama.

Arguably, Romney made no real gaffes. He pointed out some security problems with the London Olympics. His observations were accurate. He pointed to a cultural difference between Israelis and Palestinians -- a difference which is obvious.

Yet, according to one survey, 86 percent of stories about Romney's international visit wallowed in supposed "gaffes."


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