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October 24, 2014


Clearly Nyhan doesn't know many conservatives, who like to claim "but Limbaugh doesn't lie--it's only a manipulation of sound bites (by liberals) that make him out as a frequent liar."

Or, "What Glenn Beck says makes a lot of sense." (Maybe to the editors of the vapid NYTmes magazine.)

The point Nyhan seems confused about: Genuine liberals, not NY Times readers + MSNBC viewers, are much more likely to read broadly, if imperfectly.

EG: Liberals never mis-quote the US Constitution as mentioning "God" and conservatives do so all the time.

2nd example, very few conservatives objected to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, most liberals did, and those so called liberal hawks aren't liberal (Kristof, Friedman, Keller, Packer, etc). While today many liberals object to Obama's continued and expanded drone strikes.

So Nyhan is doing the standard false equivalence BS, doesn't inspire much faith in the PoliSci dep at Dartmouth (not a well known liberal school).

And why is Google java script running on this website?

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