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October 31, 2019


Mr. Nyhan, Your credentials are impressive. I had never heard of you but read an article written by you in our local paper, Duluth News Tribune. I thought I would be reading a fair review of the topic of "local news being exploited", but to my dismay it is all about the GOP's so called misdeeds. Do you not think that anyone on the DFL side is doing any of the things you mention in this article. Since I do not look at such things on any sites, but have heard about it, I wanted to learn more, but what do you learn when it is all one sided. The treatment of our President and the GOP has been despicable ever since he said he was going to run for the Presidency and I see now that this attitude is helped by highly educated person's that have the power to do this. I challenge you to do the same investigation of the DFL and write that for comparison. Leave your bias in your closet at home and give us Americans the truth about the various elements in our country that are influencing citizens. Your credentials are a waste when they are spent writing such garbage articles that mean nothing but to boost the hearts of those who side with you. Our Democratic Republic is imploding!!!

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